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Overall Impression on the Fourth Part of the Course

Arriving now at the penultimate stage of the course, with the newly discovered freedom I unlocked in the previous part, I continue my adventure with the creative approach to counterpoint.

Through the encounter with the free counterpoint, I gained even more independence in my compositional practice. Here, it was particularly interesting to investigate the contrapuntal techniques through the distinct feelings of liberty offered by the irregular time signatures and melodies written with no bar lines. While I do go briefly back to a bit more strict counterpoint in my invention in baroque style, I do so while retaining the new-found playfulness. Consequently, my subsequent invention is the one in modern style, drawing from the 20th century neo-classism that combined the old forms with the modern harmony.

Next to that, I was also introduced to a new family of instruments – the definite-pitched percussion. Among these, glockenspiel and marimba in particular drew my attention to the contemporary classic music, where they’ve been more and more recognized as great soloists. Xylophone and vibraphone, on the other hand, acquainted me with the popular genres such as ragtime, jazz, novelty and vaudeville. In any regard, the unique timbres of the definite-pitched percussion instruments expanded the horizon of my musical expression.

With all of the above culminating into an interesting assignment piece, I am ready to continue my musical journey, that the final part of the course will direct towards harmony.

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