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The Overall Reflection on the Fifth Part of the Course

I genuinely can’t believe that this is the final part of the course. Starting Music 1: Composing Music, I had no idea how many of the musical elements I would get the opportunity to re-investigate, while also voyaging through different traditions, cultures and historical periods, where they were utilized in distinct ways.

Despite studying the course for quite some time, I was yet again pleasantly surprised at being pointed to a side of a musical element I haven’t noticed until now. Similarly to counterpoint, I’ve been devotedly studying harmony at a high level for more than 5 years. Nevertheless, I was fascinated by how much depth one gets to explore by creatively re-examining just the fundamental concepts such as tonic/dominant relationship and the dominant. For the former, I was intrigued that not even complex masking can destroy the affinity of dominant to resolve into tonic, while for the latter, I was amazed at the revelation that the improvisation on one chord could constitute a whole composition.

In this aspect, I was profoundly touched by Wagner’s Prelude to Das Rheingold, where the masterful gradation of a single chord was turned into an existential allegory. The prelude also influenced me to search for the rare drones in Western classical music, which in turn drew my attention to the genre of pastorale.

With the last assignment piece, it’s time to say goodbye to my first course of the degree. It truly encouraged and motivated me to carry on with my studies, while also giving me a new set of skills, knowledge and fresh perspective for composing, introducing me to a whole new range of genres, forms, styles, compositions, and composers from different periods. This resulted in amazing projects, assignments, and research that kept engaging my creativity. What seemed to be full of limitations, or something that in itself seemed to have been a limitation, actually provided me with an abundance of inventive material. But most importantly, I am entirely uplifted and inspired to continue my musical voyage, that began with this course and all the unique things it offered.

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