Posted in Project 3: Introduction to Species Counterpoint

Exercise 1.4

As the course material denoted, although this exercise is under the fourth species of Fux’s counterpoint, it is actually about the use of suspensions instead.

The suspensions with a three-part pattern, including preparation – the consonant note on the weak beat of the bar, tied to the note of the next bar, which is the dissonance, and finally the step-wise, downward resolution to the consonant note on the weak beat. I have marked all three with their starting letters – P, D and R, also noting their intervals, which is why there is no need for further analysis and clarification. Below are my solutions to the two given exercises. Here is the first:

exercise 1.4 a.png

Finally, here is the second exercise:

exercise 1.4 b.png

To close off, like I’ve mentioned before, I already studied the suspensions and similar musical devices from the counterpoint by Fux. Nonetheless, this exercise was a good way to refresh my old knowledge.

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