Posted in Project 3: Mozart and Development Sections

Exercise 5.7

This task of this exercise is to arrange the development section of Mozart’s Sonata No. 12 in F major for string quartet, including a 100-word summary of its main points.

Here is my arrangement:

Interestingly, the development begins with a 16-bar-long period in C major, somewhat reminiscent of the bar 9 motif in the first subject area, as well as the bar 72 motif in the closing section of the exposition, however, it sounds completely new. The following section of the development uses the whole second section of the second subject area (bars 56-70) as its material, passing through C major (bars 109-110), C minor (bars 111-113), G minor (bars 114-117), D minor (bars 118-126), A minor (bars 127-128) with the re-transition introducing the dominant of the main key, F major. There is also a sequence in bars 114-117 that is repeated in bars 118-121.

In terms of the exercise itself, I really enjoyed arranging for the string quartet. I found the exercise much easier, not only because I played violin longer than piano and was very accustomed to the format of string quartet, but also because I found more options transferring material from a single instrument to more instruments. For example, with some bits that could be played by two instruments, I had more choice in where to situate a certain passage. This is very unlike arranging for piano, where I even had to discard certain pitches in order to accommodate things. In any case, I really enjoyed arranging for different instruments and would like to do more. I should also mention that arranging also helped me get deeper into both pieces – going through the material in such a detailed way really allowed me to perceive minute things that I otherwise wouldn’t.

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