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Assignment 1, Part 1 (with corrections)

This is a corrected version of Part 1of Assignment 1:

Likewise, this is the explanation of all the corrections:

As the feedback on Assignment 1 pointed out, there are two copying errors. The first one is in the upper part of bar 3 in Question 1, where I have copied G instead of B – this has since been corrected. Similarly, in the upper alto part in Question 5, I have copied B instead of A in bar 4, which is also corrected. Finally, there was a hidden octave between bar 2 and 3 (A-A, G-G) in Question 2. Though this isn’t prohibited, especially since the E in-between softens the effect, I still wanted to strengthen the harmony, so I have created an alternative solution. However, I’m still not fully happy with this task, mostly because of the consecutive jumps that interfere with the smoothness of the melody. Nonetheless, in my opinion, this solution has more integrity comparing to the previous one. 

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