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Assignment 2 – Circus Act

Note: Before you look at my second assignment, you can read the research I did on the oboe and its extended technique.


The task of this assignment is to create a short piece for a solo woodwind instrument, lasting between one-and-a-half and two minutes.

Initially, I wanted to continue the idea of musical narrative from the previous part of the course. After exploring new scales, I intended to write a piece for solo oboe and a narrator in the style of a fairy tale, similar to Peter and Wolf by Prokofiev (orchestra) and Fisherman’s tale by Tcherepnin (solo piano), with sections of music representing characters. However, although the fairy tales are short, especially since I wanted to use one scene from Andersen’s Tinderbox, it proved impossible to fit their content in for such a short amount of time. Shame though, because I had quite an expressive theme that really suited the oboe. However, I will save it and hopefully be able to use it for the future projects/assignments or any of the compositions in general, perhaps write symphonic version of the same fairy tale, where it would serve as an opening.

Still, there was another way for me to follow the idea of a solo instrument and a narrator, which is to have a much simpler story that I sketched myself – a circus act. For some reason, I imagine it to be a section of a shadow play.

The full score is quite long, so you can download/view it here.

The piece with just the oboe, and without the narrator, is around 2 minutes long. You can listen to it below, but again, there is no narrator

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