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Assignment 3 – Segment from the Snow Queen

Note: Before you take a look at my third assignment, you can read my research regarding the flute, oboe and bassoon from part 2 of the course. Along with the listening log posts, these helped me gain knowledge about the instruments and their characteristics, which I’ve explored first in the solo compositions. More importantly, Project 8, 9 and 10 helped me develop skills that I could utilize in this piece. 


The task of the assignment three is to compose a piece for three woodwind instruments in mainly polyphonic style, about 2 minutes long. The assignment guidelines describe to use the formula outlined in Example 45.

After my tutor’s feedback, I realized I’ve strayed a bit from these guidelines. Firstly, I took the formula of Example 45 in a wider context. Instead of the triads just being the triads, I made them denote tonalities that describe the sections of the piece. Though, my tutor didn’t note that this was any issue, probably because the triads are within the progression of one scale. Thus, the tonalities are also in a relationship that is like one big progression – a result of the triadic framework. However, she did mention my use of the indefinite-pitched percussion. With the misreading of the course material, I thought I could add them in.  Luckily, as she remarked, the additional percussion don’t interfere that much with the woodwind polyphony. I discuss this in more detail in my reflections.

To move on, following the second part of the course, in this assignment, I once again experimented with the idea of the musical narrative, only this time in a polyphonic framework. Having more instruments meant that there was much more I could illustrate, both in terms of musical ideas and also color, which allowed me to write a segment from a fairy tale – Hans Christian Andersen’s Snow Queen.

Here is the full score.

You can listen to the audio version below:

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