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Assignment 5 – Nocturne-Fantasie

Note: Before you take a look at my final assignment piece, you can read my research regarding the genre of Nocturnes and the cyclic chord progression. There’s also an older research I did for Assignment 4 about the form of fantasy. Furthermore, all the research posts for Project 13 and Project 14 were involved in shaping my piece, especially in terms of the harmonic content and progressions.


The final assignment of the course is about composing an extended piece of around three minutes, utilizing the cyclic chord progression at least four times, avoiding the final effect of the perfect cadence until the very ending of the piece. Following this brief, I decided to compose a lyrical and expressive Nocturne, where I blur the lines of harmony throughout the piece, giving it a more fantastical form and structure. This is the reason why the piece is named Nocturne-Fantasie. The composition is monothematic, which allowed me to play with variation and development. It is also the first abstract piece I wrote for the course, not following any specific narrative.

Click here to see the full score of the piece.

You can listen to it below:

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