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Project 13 Research: The Perfect Fifth and the Tonic/Dominant Relationship

Project 13 is about dressing up the tonic/dominant relationship, which I will look at closer here. There is a special, almost gravitational affinity between two tones pitched perfect fifth apart. Many theorists use the physical nature of the overtone series to explain the gravitative inclination between a tone and its perfect fifth, pointing out the fifth as the first and the strongest overtone after the octave transposition of the fundamental. In other words, as Sorce (1995: 135) explains:

“When a body is set into vibration, it is not only fundamental (initial pitch) that sounds, but also an infinite number of additional pitches, known as overtones or partials… The first overtone to be set into motion is the octave; the second is the 5th, or dominant.” Continue reading “Project 13 Research: The Perfect Fifth and the Tonic/Dominant Relationship”