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Looking at the word “indefinite-pitched”, I realized I only had a basic idea about the nature of musical and nonmusical sound, and how this term relates to them. Along with many questions arising on how to classify a sound, I made a good turn towards musical acoustics.

“Musical acoustics is a unique area of study where “art” and “science” meet together, and interact on equal footing.” (University of Colorado Boulder, 2011:1) Continue reading “Brief”

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The Scientific Demarcation Line

Scientifically, the difference between musical and nonmusical sound, is that the former is a steady, constant sound consisting of periodic vibration, while the latter is an unsteady sound consisting of non-periodic vibration, which is continually varying. (Taylor, 1883:48-50)

The easiest way for a musician to understand the difference between the periodic and non-periodic motion is illustrated by Buck (1918:15): Continue reading “The Scientific Demarcation Line”