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Free Counterpoint, Part 2

Note: You can read my research regarding free counterpoint here. You can also take a look at the posts about the definite-pitched percussion I’ve used here – vibraphone and marimba. Regarding the woodwinds, I did the research about the specific instruments in the second part of the course, and the indefinite-pitched percussion in the first part. 

The second part of the project is to compose two new melodies, 8-10 bars long, contrasting in character, and add the companion melody for each.

The first melody I’ve composed with its companion melody looks like this:


You can listen to the audio below to see how it would sound like:

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Free Counterpoint, Part 1

Note: You can also read my research about free counterpoint here. I also did some research regarding the definite-pitched percussion instruments I’ve used – xylophone and glockenspiel, and you can also find the posts about woodwinds I used in the part two of the course. 

The first two examples of the free counterpoint are based on adding the companion melodies to the melodies given in Example 47.

For the first melody – Example 47 A, I’ve composed the following companion melody:

example 47AYou can listen to the audio of the first counterpoint below:

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