Research (Assignments 1-5)

All my assignment pieces were largely influenced by the various research I did. Click the links below to access these posts. You can also look at the research I did for all of the projects, also linked below.

Assignment 1 – Wild Dance

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In this post, I write about the history of ballet, from its beginnings as the court dance until the modern times, focusing on its musical form.


As I decided to use the rondo form for my first assignment, here I will write more about its structure and history.


Assignment 2 – Circus Act

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Oboe and the extended technique

The solo instrument I decided to use for the second assignment is the oboe. While reading about the instrument, I found out about its many transformations through history, as well as limitations. However, these limitations also gave rise to the contemporary extended techniques, which I utilized in the assignment piece. Click here to see the other instruments I wrote about.

Narration and music; Musical Fairy tales

Listening to the clarinet pieces, I came across Shoenberg’s Pierrot Lunaire. Its peculiar narration pointed me to the musical fairy tales, and general genre of narration and music.

Assignment 3 – Segment from the Snow Queen

I haven’t really done any extensive research as for the previous assignment pieces. However, I do rely on the narration and music post and the research I did for the woodwind instruments linked for assignment 2 above. You can also read my research here for projects 8-10 that influenced my assignment 3 piece.

Assignment 4 – Nocturnal Sea Fantasy

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The Dualities of Fantasia

In this post I write about the musical genre of fantasy that I used for the assignment, its history and peculiarities. I go beyond the usual definition that is found today, and instead focus on the dualities in the meaning of fantasia that occurred depending on the historical period. More importantly, I also found that fantasia somehow united these dualities of music and even recognized some elements in my own piece.

Imitative counterpoint

Since the task of the assignment is to use the imitative counterpoint, I decided to do a short research about this technique. You can also read my research about other counterpoint forms here. I also include definite-pitched percussion posts (take a look at marimba for this assignment), and in assignment 2, I have also linked the woodwind research posts (take a look clarinet that I used for the Nocturnal Sea Fantasy).

Assignment 5 – Nocturne-Fantasie

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My assignment was inspired by the genre of nocturne. Here I write about its form and history. Since I have blurred the nocturne form using indefinite harmony, my piece ended up having a bit of fantasy for as well. Thus, the fantasy research for assignment 4 above was also significant.

Cyclic harmony

The task of this assignment is to use the cyclic harmony. Although this is the listening log post on ground bass, it contains important research information about the cyclicity in harmony and the different genres that use this idea.

To conclude, not only were all these research posts significant for composing my assignment pieces, but they were very important for my general knowledge and growth as a musician, and I will surely use these forms, instruments and techniques again in the future. Lastly, you can find my reflections here.