Research (Projects 1-4)

All my projects were influenced by a number of research I did, which covers a range of instruments and forms, many in the context of distinct cultures and historical periods. For the Part One of the course, this includes indefinite-pitched percussion instruments, the Arabic rhythms, Indian taal and other. Click the category links below to access them. The research posts are also mentioned at the beginning of each project post.

Project 1

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There are quite a lot of posts, which I’ve grouped depending on the example they relevant to.

Example 1

1 – Snare Drum’s Dance-like Character

2 – Fandango and Bolero

Example 2

1 – Temple blocks and Jeux d’eau

2 – Three Variations of Yang Guan and Allegro sections in Corelli’s violin sonatas

Example 3

1 – Finger Cymbals and Middle Eastern Rhythm

2 – Taal of Northern India

3 – Laykari and Tabla Solo Recital

4 – Indian Classical Dance and Past Influences on Kathak

5 – Modern Kathak Performance

Example 4

1 – Tahitian dance and Ote’a

2 – Bass drum

Project 2

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Example 1

Musical Rhetoric and Bach’s Two-Part Inventions

Example 2

1 – Tambourine and Frame Drum

2 – Scherzo and Scherzino

Example 3


Example 4

1 – Woodblocks

2 – Taiko Drums of Imperial Court Music of Japan

3 – Taiko Drums in the Japanese Classical Theater Forms

4 – Taiko Drums in Japanese folk and Ritual Music

5 – Inspiration behind Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition

6 – Chinese New Year

Project 3

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Example 1

Sonata Allegro Form

Example 2

1 – Cymbals

2 – The Origin of Waltz, La Volta and German Turning Dances

3 – Viennese and Piano Waltz

Project 4

Project 4 relies on my previous knowledge, which is why I didn’t include any research posts. Since I chose the structure of the rondo for assignment 1, I decided to do the research as a part of the assignment. You can find it here.