Research (Projects 11-12)

Project 11 and 12 were both influenced by my research, which includes the free counterpoint, the genre of inventions and the different definite-pitched percussion instruments. The listening log posts were also very important for the projects, being a part of the research – you can find them here. To access the posts, click the links below.

Project 11:

1 – Free counterpoint

The task for Project 11 was to create free counterpoint, which is why I began investigating its history and usage.

2 – Xylophone

For the free counterpoint of Project 11 for Example 47A, I decided to use the xylophone. As such, I did a short research about the instrument. You can also look at the listening log post, where I listed the xylophone pieces I listened to.

3 – Glockenspiel

I used glockenspiel for the free counterpoint of Project 11 for Example 47B, and so in this post I write about its history, especially Handel’s peculiar use of the instrument. There is also a listening log post I did about the glockenspiel pieces I listened to. 

4 – Marimba

For the third example for the project I used marimba, and here I did a short research regarding the instrument. In the listening log I also did a post about the marimba pieces I listened to.

5 – Vibraphone

For the final example of Project 11 I decided to add vibraphone. In this post I write a bit about its history and usage, and here is also a listening log post about the vibraphone pieces.

Project 12:


I have encountered the genre of inventions already during the first part of the course for Project 2. See the link above to revisit that post, where I mention the concept of musical rhetoric. More important for Project 12 are the listening log posts that include not only Bach’s pieces, but also the modern, 20th-century, neo-classical experimentation with the genre.

To conclude, I really enjoyed learning more about all these different styles of counterpoint and also the different definite-pitched percussion instruments, which helped a lot in composing Project 11 and Project 12. To read my thoughts on all this new knowledge I gained, take a look at my reflection here. Lastly, I also did some research for my fourth assignment piece here.