Research (Projects 13-14)

Both Project 13 and 14 were impacted by the research I did. In terms of harmony, this includes the perfect 5th and tonic dominant relationship, as well as the concept of dominant in Western diatonic and also non-Western and non-diatonic systems of music. In terms of style and genre, the research for Wagner’s Prelude to Das Rheingold directed me to the concept of drone in Western music and the pastorale. To access these, click the links below.

Project 13

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The Perfect Fifth and the Tonic/Dominant Relationship

Here, I write about one of the most gravitational relationships in music, which cannot be destroyed even with the superimposed pitches.

Project 14

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1 – The Musical Concept of Dominant

In this post I write about the powerful concept of dominant both in the Western diatonic tradition and the systems outside of that, such as the plainchant tradition and the Arabic maqamat.

2 – Wagner’s Prelude to Das Rheingold – Drones in Western Music and Pastorale; the Ethereal Link between Music and Biology

This post is based on the research point about Wagner’s Prelude to Das Rheingold. Being one of the only well-known examples of the drone in Western music, my search for other examples led me to the genre of pastorale that may have influenced it. Wagner, however, magnified the pastorale into a musical effect of the allegory of life. This led me to think about the link between music and biology.

Being the last part of the course, these were one of the last research posts I made. I truly learned a lot and my understanding of music has profoundly changed, both in the cultural, stylistic and fundamental context. You can read more about this in my reflections here. Finally, I also did some research for the final assignment here. With this, I finish the first unit of the course, ready to learn more for the degree.