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Example 3 Research, Part 5: Modern Kathak Performance

Today, there are three famous gharanas of kathak (Fig. 1) – the Jaipur (bottom), Lucknow (top right) and Benaras (top left).

Fig. 1. Three kathak gharanas

Kathak is traditionally danced by a soloist, either man or woman. Around the players ankles are bells called ghunghurus (Fig. 2). Lower-pitched (male) bells are worn on the right, the higher-pitched (female) bells on the left ankle. Girls usually wear 101 and men 151 on each ankle. Great care is taken over this so that the bells, which are ‘tuned’ to produce a pleasant tone when sound simultaneously, and not in a blurred jangle. The ghungurus actually inspired me to write my example – although I used finger cymbals to imitate them. Continue reading “Example 3 Research, Part 5: Modern Kathak Performance”